Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh gosh...

I'm awful at this! About a million things have happened since I last posted but now that I've actually sat down to write about all of it, I can only think of a few.

*We decided to move into Student Housing instead of the apartment we were fixing up. Things just weren't working according to plan, but that's ok because this arrangement will probably be better for us in the long run
*We had another baby check-up, he's doing great!
*We had our one year wedding anniversary. It wasn't what we'd planned originally, but it was wonderful nonetheless. Details and pictures to (hopefully) follow.
*I started up a blog to try to document this last bit of my pregnancy. I basically suck at writing things down/keeping a journal and all that. I'm working on it I promise!
*It's starting to feel like this baby is close. Really close.