Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haunting!

Happy Halloween!
These are our costumes from this year. We actually had a different trio of costumes that were mostly completed, but I didn't finish them in time for the ward party on Friday so we came up with these three. Kimbal was a Mad Scientist, Logan went as Frankenstein, and I was some sort of Spider-queen-person.

Boog is in a fun phase where he thinks having his picture taken is awesome.
I had the big purple spider on my headband and a bunch of little spiders tucked into my bun. You can see the web on this side, the other side had one too, as well as a spider down on my cheek.
My mad scientist complete with goggles and M.A.D. name tag.
Close-up of Boog's onesie. I painted it for him to wear around town in the days before Halloween. His eyes even glow in the dark!
Aren't they cute!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

because i'm a ninja

i NEED this shirt.
i will send you my address if you promise to buy it for me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


mr. joseph says working without his dominant hand isn't too bad, but he can't really lift things.

boog seems to be sprouting two more teeth. that'll make six in a month. yikes.

i got a bunch of stuff done for the nephews' christmas last night. i'm kinda psyched. i also kinda want to keep it, it's all so cute! i REALLY want to get going on the main part, but can't without some extra info. hint, hint sister girl.

i still haven't decorated for halloween. shameful, i know. i swore to myself that i wouldn't put up my decor until the place was all cleaned. apparently, i'd rather craft. i know you're shocked.

i miss my friends. russia buddies, mgs, neighbors. i heart you, why haven't i seen any of you in a bazillion years?

Friday, October 8, 2010


did i mention that mr. joseph was injured on monday? yep. i made him close the window and it shattered. suddenly his hand was outside our apartment and blood was threatening to be outside of his body. ick. see, our windows have to be manhandled in order to open or close them. apparently at least ten people have suffered similar injuries since our handy maintenance guy was hired. lovely. we're a little peeved.

anyhow. two clinics, one burst of tears (mine), one person still in pjs (boog), 13 stitches, a lot of gauze, and one income verification later. all is fairly well with the world. mr. joseph goes back to work today. i'll let you know how that goes.