Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I needed that...

Two of my cousins stopped by today. Shellie is in town (in state?) from Georgia and Austin and his lovely family live right here in UT and I haven't seen either of them in forever. I think it's been two years. Sad, but true. They came by because Austin found out that we have no air conditioning and he brought us a fan. Love it. This thing is intense. Seriously- it's basically more like a portable swamp cooler than a fan. I hope it works like I'm dreaming it will. Anyhow, according to Austin that was "just an excuse to come see you" said with a big signature smile. Thanks! You have no idea what that means... it's been a lonely time for me. Fave moment- both of them telling me I look good for how far along I am. Lovely! I've been feeling as huge as a house, but apparently I don't look like it. I believe the term skinny-mini was even thrown out there. :D There was talk of a get-together so they can both finally meet my husband and I can see there adorable spouses again. Yes please!

Ps. Shellie- Your hair looks fab. I forgot to tell you when you were here.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I love when my girls are happy. Especially when they're wonderfully, blissfully, out-of-their-minds-with-joy happy. Thanks for letting me be a creeper and enjoy all this smiley goodness.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wonder Wife

Today I am awesome. No, seriously. This morning I was up at 3:00 (yes... the dark one) to pack Kimbal's lunch for the day, get his stuff all good to go, refill his water bottles, and get him breakfast. Bomb. Then he left and I felt lonely and sad for myself for about 2o minutes. Got over it, checked and published another photography feature for my other blog, and checked all my emails. Next I straightened the living room and started a load of laundry. Read from my book for a bit (gotta have my me time) and did battle with some seriously wicked heartburn. Ew. Fixed myself a turkey sandwich for lunch (and kinda wished I'd saved some of the DELICIOUS bbq chicken Kimbal got for myself) and took a little nap. Got up, called my Dr. office (they didn't answer even though there were still 40 minutes until their office hours were over. rude.), took out laundry load #1 and put in #2. Got load #3 all good to go, started folding #1 and began to feel ridiculously proud of myself for all I've done today and had to tell all of you. Go ahead... Tell me how great I am.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet our little man!

It's a boy!
The little guy's profile

Is it just me, or are baby feet adorable even in utero?

I think it's hilarious that they label it... as if any of us couldn't tell what that is there between the little guy's legs.

A look at baby from the front. He keeps his hands by his face all the time!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait...

This ready-or-not baby of mine is about half-way here now. That's scaring me, seriously... I'm just starting to wrap my head around the idea of being pregnant, let alone the actuality of parenthood. On Monday my Doctor gave me a hugenormous stack of reading material all about pregnancy, and birthing, and newborns, and babies, and being a mom. It didn't help me feel prepared or informed. I read the whole freaking thing and all I really learned is that I don't know anything. Yesterday I had a super fun emotional day. I was mad at everything and everyone. Yelled at my mom and my husband. It sucked. Don't worry... apologized (and then cried) to both. Still didn't help. I feel awful... I'm a wreck. I have a million little things to do before this baby gets here SOON and there's nothing I can really do right now. Nothing I can get done. I've never been one of those list girls, but right now I'd like nothing more than a big check mark next to something. Anything. Just to know something was ready because I'm sure as heck not.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sorry it's been forever! There's a LOT going on in our lives right now, but nothing that seems exciting enough to post about it. Perhaps an overall will seem exciting just in the sheer quantity of goings-on.... A briefish list of what's happened in the past few weeks

*Saw a sign for an apartment in our ward boundries- called that day.
*Went to look at the apartment and met the landlord the next day- decided to take it
*Kimbal and Scott have sanded and puttied their little hearts out and still the only room done is the living room- uh-oh.
*I got on with the OB/GYN I wanted... finally!
*Had a much needed MG night... so fun! Ladies- repeat soon? Ok thanks...
*Several of my MGs I heart have boys coming home SO SOON. Freaking out a little for them... living vicariously and so excited for their weddings.
*Kimbal went "camping" with the scouts and apparently spent most of the time on a water-slide. Jealousy raged.
*I started a blog about all things wedding with a focus on LDS brides who want to do things on a budget. Got followers on day two. Felt Like a rock-star.
*Kimbal had a phone interview with Delta- results pending- Family flies free? Yes please!
*It's rained so much I had to reread Breaking Dawn just to remind myself that NO, I do not live in Forks and NO my husband doesn't sparkle in the sun. Good thing too because human deliveries have nothing on half vampire deliveries- yikes. Scared me silly.
*Fell in love with freecycle. Seriously... cool concept. Check it out.
*Kimbal and I are about half-way through with rereading the last Harry Potter book. Freaking excited about the new movie!
*Got a photographer to agree to be featured on my blog, including allowing me to use her images. Lovely! Too bad I was shooting for a series and asked five photogs (including family) and got only ONE response (not family). Lame, but at least I have one.
*Bought a queen mattress/box spring/down pillow topper/complete sheet set/bed frame for $30- Thank you KSL
*Put a bunch of my stuff on KSL thinking I was a hot-shot and that this would totally save us in the money department.
*Have gotten no replies except one scammer... drat.
*Scheduled my "find-out-if-I'm-incubating-a-girl-baby-or-a-boy-baby" ultrasound. Results on Wednesday. You people will find out once we've called all the fam I promise.
*Got the paint and tile colors approve from Landlord guy- now we just have to get him to approve the prices. Round one was a no-go. Apparently Landlord guy hasn't checked paint prices since about the '80s. He asked us to find non-latex paint and primer for under $10 a gallon- yeah right.
*After much searching we found latex for about $13 a gallon and enough primer for the whole place for about $80. Cross your fingers kids.
*Kimbal found a place that is basically a temp agency for Flaggers. Neat. He'll be kinda like Ryan the temp, except he won't start a fire or bleach his hair or do drugs. Yay for Office references!
*Grandma J broke her hip. It was a scary one and she had to have a pretty intense surgery, but we've been told she's doing well. Mom and Dad are on their way up right now- glad to be seeing the folks even though it's a really crappy reason they have to come.

Ok... I think that's it. I'll try to be better about writing on here, but I make no promises. Love you all! Thanks for bearing with me.