Saturday, April 24, 2010

i'm addicted

to "projects". For seriously. It's ridiculous.

At this moment I can look over at my craft table and see two partially finished aprons, the bits and pieces of my would be organization system for all my supplies, partially completed pin cushions, jeans that need mending, an in-progress hat, several completed hats, a baby Gray present that still needs work, and a ton of random craft supplies.

Besides all of that we also have a tendency to bring home sad, lonely, stray furniture pieces that were abandoned by the dumpster and need to be fixed or refinished somehow.

Current count: 1 highchair, 2 door/things (not sure what they were originally, but we're going to use them as room dividers), 3 chairs (one huge and iron, one normal sized and painted wood, and one teeny-tiny and unfinished wood), and 1 coffee table.

Yikes. Just yikes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toasty Toes

So... I made some pretty rockin' non-slip socks to wear in the hospital when I had Booger. If you want to see how, read on. And please, enjoy!

Step 1- Trace your little (or in my case at the time, massively swollen) tootsies on some cardboard and cut them out. You need a cutout of both feet so that you can make both at the same time. You especially need both if your feet are different shapes or sizes like mine (ew). I used a cereal box.

Step 2- Once you have your foot cutouts, stare at them for a moment thinking about how weird/gross/amazing feet are. Snap yourself out of it. Flip the cutouts over (so that the bottom of your "feet" are up) now you want to slip your socks over them. I got these cute socks from the dollar store. Love. Make sure to carefully line up the bottom of the socks correctly on the cutout.

Step 3- Take some puff paint (I got mine for about $0.75 each at Walmart about two years ago and have used them for about a million different projects) and start making designs. I used a combo of dots and squiggles . I kinda wish I'd just done the dots, but that's just me.

Step 4- Let the puff paint dry for the time suggested on the packaging and put those puppies in your hospital bag. Allow complements from the nurses to follow. :D

Monday, April 19, 2010

easter p.s.

i DID have the basket done for easter sunday i just didn't get the pictures up and ready to be blogged until today.
mr. joseph and booger both really liked the basket which is a good thing because that thing took freaking forever and there would have been one very grumpy momma had they not oohed and awed appropriately but they loved it and all was well in the house of josephs.
and booger had a VERY happy easter.
how cute is that kid?!?! seriously. i could just eat him for breakfast.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

booger's bunny basket

here's the story...
easter was quickly approaching. the stores were filled with cheap plastic grass and over-priced buckets for the collecting of fake huevos. booger NEEDED a basket. no, he can't even crawl. no, he wasn't going to remember this holiday. yes, it was a NEED. but i refused to pay ten bucks for something i could only mildly stand this year and would be sure to hate by next year. thus the FREE easter basket was born. brown felt (left over from the mail bag) a cereal box (for the base) and ribbon from a recent apron project.

the handle- i folded a long strip of felt into thirds, sewed the sage ribbon in the center, pinned like a mad woman, and top stitched both sides so it'd be sturdy.
the bottom- i hand sewed the bottom on. oh. my. word. took forever. two circles of felt with a slightly smaller circle of cardboard sandwiched in between.
the sides- two pieces of felt a few inches longer than the circumference of the bottom. don't look too closely. maybe i didn't finish the inside as nicely as i might have liked. i'm considering trying to line it somehow for next year.
the stripes- you know how grosgrain ribbon has a sort of edge to it? no? ok... go look at some. i'll wait right here.
see it? ok. i stitched right up next to that with cream thread so that the stripes would look perfect. the also held the two pieces that made the sides together and made it a bit sturdier.
all finished and stuffed.
all in all- it's not perfect, but i love it. mr. joseph was super proud of me for making it with what i had on hand and we think it'll last for a few years at least. i'm already picturing boog dominating at future easter egg hunts (this sucker is BIG.) and it makes me smiley. happy belated easter.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

yeah, me too.

don't you just hate when someone says something hurtful about you.

don't you hate when that person is supposed to be your friend.

don't you hate when they say it to your face in the middle of a crowded room.

don't you hate when everyone else there gets to see your stomach fall through the floor.

don't you hate when you can't get it out of your head and it almost makes you never want to see pretty much anyone who was in that room again.