Sunday, April 18, 2010

booger's bunny basket

here's the story...
easter was quickly approaching. the stores were filled with cheap plastic grass and over-priced buckets for the collecting of fake huevos. booger NEEDED a basket. no, he can't even crawl. no, he wasn't going to remember this holiday. yes, it was a NEED. but i refused to pay ten bucks for something i could only mildly stand this year and would be sure to hate by next year. thus the FREE easter basket was born. brown felt (left over from the mail bag) a cereal box (for the base) and ribbon from a recent apron project.

the handle- i folded a long strip of felt into thirds, sewed the sage ribbon in the center, pinned like a mad woman, and top stitched both sides so it'd be sturdy.
the bottom- i hand sewed the bottom on. oh. my. word. took forever. two circles of felt with a slightly smaller circle of cardboard sandwiched in between.
the sides- two pieces of felt a few inches longer than the circumference of the bottom. don't look too closely. maybe i didn't finish the inside as nicely as i might have liked. i'm considering trying to line it somehow for next year.
the stripes- you know how grosgrain ribbon has a sort of edge to it? no? ok... go look at some. i'll wait right here.
see it? ok. i stitched right up next to that with cream thread so that the stripes would look perfect. the also held the two pieces that made the sides together and made it a bit sturdier.
all finished and stuffed.
all in all- it's not perfect, but i love it. mr. joseph was super proud of me for making it with what i had on hand and we think it'll last for a few years at least. i'm already picturing boog dominating at future easter egg hunts (this sucker is BIG.) and it makes me smiley. happy belated easter.

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  1. Girl.. this is super cute! You are so crafty.. you must teach me your ways!