Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just wanted to get on here to talk about goals for this year in the hopes that having them down in black and white will help keep me accountable. We'll cut to the chase now.

Dee's 2012 goals so far
1. GET HEALTHY- I actually started this a few months ago and have lost a few pounds. We're working on ways to get me more active too.
2. SEW SOMETHING WEARABLE- I sew a lot, but I've not made any clothing yet. This is the year.
3. MAKE TIME WITH MR. JOSEPH QUALITY TIME- Not just, "Here's dinner, please take out the trash, and for heaven's sake will you pay attention to Boog because he is about to blow a blood vessel trying to show you his Queen car for the three millionth time?!!?!?!"
4. START LEARNING TO CROCHET (AGAIN)- For reals this time.
5. CRAFT THINGS FOR KEEPS- Not just gifts, but things for us as well.
6. MAKE OUR APARTMENT MORE OF A HOME- This is tied into number five. More light, more color, more personality.

Mr. Joseph's 2012 goals so far
1. CONSISTENCY IN HOMEWORK- So that number three can happen.
2. IMPROVE SCRIPTURE READING- Who doesn't need to work on that?!

Boog's 2012 goals so far
1. LEARN TO COUNT TO 20- We've got 1-10 down pretty consistent. On to bigger and better.
2. GET POTTY TRAINED- Because diapers are expensive and you're too smart to pretend you can't wipe yourself.
3. FIGURE OUT COLORS- For reals kid, not everything is a white truck.
4. IMPROVE READING- ABC's are good, let's start on sight words.

PS. I still haven't put up Christmas/AZ/New Year's/Beaver pictures. Sue me.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Watching a cartoon featuring a Narwhal with a Russian accent.
Wearing capris because they're stretchy and comfy.
Craving fish.
Trying to find the drive to put away our tree.
Wedding planning.
Needing a manicure.
Christmas/trip marathon pictures should be coming soon.
Love you peeps.

Monday, December 19, 2011

More Pictures

Second Birthday Pictures

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boog is 2

Little man,
You're two now.
You can say it and point out the number when you see it.
I can't believe how big you are.
You're so smart. I am so amazed by how much you know.
You love letters right now. You and Daddy read a lot. You're never patient enough to read with me.
Cars are your favorite toys. You drive around all day long.
You love to eat. Your favorite things are toast (which you demand. loudly.), cheese, juice, and chocolate milk. You are very expensive, but that's ok.
You have the cutest voice. Most of the time you say things in this sweet tone that nearly always gets you what you want.
There is no grey area with you. You are either sweet or naughty. You are either happy or in full out melt-down.
You are very good at sensing people's emotions. You know when Momma is sad or frustrated and are usually quick to give hugs and kisses when they're needed.
At bedtime you love to hear Big Tractor and Goodnight Moon and whatever other books you can convince Daddy to read. You have to snuggle several stuffed friends. You need your pack (warm corn pack). You always make sure we say prayers together.
Lately you've been learning to say prayers yourself. My heart melts when I hear you say "Jesus" and shout "AMEN!"
You love nursery. Sundays are the only days it's easy to get you dressed because you're so excited to go to church.
You just learned how to say "I love (Momma, Daddy, Mawgie, Jess, etc.)" and it makes me smile. You say it out of the blue sometimes and it's the very best.
You're wonderful.
I love you so much little boy!
Love, Momma