Monday, July 13, 2009

Wonder Wife

Today I am awesome. No, seriously. This morning I was up at 3:00 (yes... the dark one) to pack Kimbal's lunch for the day, get his stuff all good to go, refill his water bottles, and get him breakfast. Bomb. Then he left and I felt lonely and sad for myself for about 2o minutes. Got over it, checked and published another photography feature for my other blog, and checked all my emails. Next I straightened the living room and started a load of laundry. Read from my book for a bit (gotta have my me time) and did battle with some seriously wicked heartburn. Ew. Fixed myself a turkey sandwich for lunch (and kinda wished I'd saved some of the DELICIOUS bbq chicken Kimbal got for myself) and took a little nap. Got up, called my Dr. office (they didn't answer even though there were still 40 minutes until their office hours were over. rude.), took out laundry load #1 and put in #2. Got load #3 all good to go, started folding #1 and began to feel ridiculously proud of myself for all I've done today and had to tell all of you. Go ahead... Tell me how great I am.


  1. its bomb. :) bahaha i freakin love it. and i love you.. and i love that you have prego woman things happening to you- like heartburn. eww.


  2. You. Are. Awesome. Seriously. love you. You're going to have to teach me how to be a great life just like you some day.... :)