Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haunting!

Happy Halloween!
These are our costumes from this year. We actually had a different trio of costumes that were mostly completed, but I didn't finish them in time for the ward party on Friday so we came up with these three. Kimbal was a Mad Scientist, Logan went as Frankenstein, and I was some sort of Spider-queen-person.

Boog is in a fun phase where he thinks having his picture taken is awesome.
I had the big purple spider on my headband and a bunch of little spiders tucked into my bun. You can see the web on this side, the other side had one too, as well as a spider down on my cheek.
My mad scientist complete with goggles and M.A.D. name tag.
Close-up of Boog's onesie. I painted it for him to wear around town in the days before Halloween. His eyes even glow in the dark!
Aren't they cute!


  1. So cute! I LOVE all of your costumes! You guys are such an adorable little family! Miss you girl!

  2. sooo adorable!! love it! i misss you horribly!

  3. Too Funny! Love your outfits!