Tuesday, October 12, 2010


mr. joseph says working without his dominant hand isn't too bad, but he can't really lift things.

boog seems to be sprouting two more teeth. that'll make six in a month. yikes.

i got a bunch of stuff done for the nephews' christmas last night. i'm kinda psyched. i also kinda want to keep it, it's all so cute! i REALLY want to get going on the main part, but can't without some extra info. hint, hint sister girl.

i still haven't decorated for halloween. shameful, i know. i swore to myself that i wouldn't put up my decor until the place was all cleaned. apparently, i'd rather craft. i know you're shocked.

i miss my friends. russia buddies, mgs, neighbors. i heart you, why haven't i seen any of you in a bazillion years?


  1. i count as 2. russia buddy AND mg... and I miss you greatly!

  2. I miss you my dear.. I'm just saying.