Thursday, February 18, 2010


You all thought you were done hearing about what I was craving didn't you?! Ha. No. But at least now I'm not craving food. Whaaaaaaaat? I know. Now I've been looking through MADE's Celebrate the Boy crafts and I'm craving every. single. thing.

He'd be the coolest kid in church playing with robots and rockets in this quiet book.
Booger WILL have a shirt like this for next February.
First birthday in November? He'll probably be wearing this.
Luff. Luff. Luff.


  1. O my gosh! Coolest Robot Book Ever! I want one... well actually I want to be talented & rich enough to make one :)

  2. We must follow all the same blogs. I love her quiet books. I just need a child to keep quiet now.