Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Project Day!

Yippee! Kimbal has the day off today and we're gonna work on projects. I'm so super excited that I'm already awake. Lame? Probably. Crazy? Yes. True? Definitely! I'm hoping to get all of soon to be nephew's presents together/done and start working on my older nephew's big brother gift. Cam's gift is "the coolest toy idea ever" according to Kimbal and I FINALLY found the last thing I needed for it. I think it's gonna be pretty awesome. I'm not sure what other projects we're going to work on today, but I'm thinking probably my shelves and organizers for my craft area. If we have time maybe we'll work on some of the chairs as well. Or I'll sew some covers for the ugly pillows that have been glaring at me lately. YAY!

P.S. I still have one more spot for the hand-made-present-for-no-reason post that's going around. Speak now or forever hold your peace here.

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