Tuesday, June 8, 2010

when did i get so old?

i have a CHILD.
he's been out in the world for SIX MONTHS now.
in two months i will have been married for TWO YEARS.
a friend i went to high school with now teaches my BABY sister.
he teaches my baby sister in HIGH SCHOOL.
kimbal and i have known each other for FIVE YEARS this summer.
this weekend i attended the WEDDING of my sweet little surrogate sister.
morgan, whose day of birth i can remember vividly, can DATE AND DRIVE in january.
friends of mine from school already have MULTIPLE children.
i worry a lot about WRINKLES.
i look at trendy things and just think, i can't pull that off- i'm TOO OLD.
WHEN did this happen?!


  1. I feel this way too somtimes. But getting my hair done helped me feel a little younger and hipper. What's gonna happen once we're 30? Or even 25!? Ahhh!

  2. No!!! You're not old!! If you're old, that means I'm old too!!!

  3. Ummm you can start saying your old when you are out of the twenty's!

  4. Step back, breathe, age is just a number. Remember that. You can't start feeling old, or else then I'm going to feel the same!