Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calling All MGs.

Ok girlys... I NEED MG time. Hard-core. It's pathetic. It's not just a want but an honest to goodness- I have no girlfriends here- NEED.
I'm thinking I'm wanting a sleep-over sort of thing maybe... lots of girly-ness. Chick flicks, make-overs, gossip, large quantities of calories consumed. Here's the deal though- I can't host because we have a tiny place and I think that'd just be weird (hubby in the other room and all). But I can help plan and bring all sorts of tasty food. Any takers???


  1. im so down girl!! i think it sounds amazing!!! i cant host either, i live at my grandmas- going to school... and my family has moved to texas.. not a lot of options there. but i know that jasmine has a great apartment and shes always down to throw parties. I would message her, and ask her about it. we had a killer one on valentines day.. and shes wants to have more there as long as we all help cook and bring food. for real message her, i think we were already planning one in march anyway.. and you better be there dear!! love you!!

  2. If people were willing to come to Farmington we could do it at my parent's house. They have a huge projector, a love sac, a sectional that fits like 10-15 people, a downstairs kitchen. It would probably be a Thursday Night since I only get to see Brent 3 days a week and those days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Let me know what you think.