Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So... Those of you who know me shouldn't be at all shocked by the statement I'm about to make.


Yeah so, now that we've got that out of the way- I can tell you why. Or at least some of why.
1.I have an interview tomorrow (WOOHOO!) but I suck at interviews... no bueno. So I'm stressing out. What to wear. What to say. What to do my hair like. How I'm going to drive there in the friggin' snow tomorrow. Ew. All of it is seriously making me nauseated. Couldn't even eat this morning. Bad news.
2.Valentine's Day is this week. I am notoriously bad at Valentine's Day. I haven't really had a guy on this the most "romantic" of holiday's before (ok... sorta last year but that was a long, sad/funny story.) and other than Mr. Joseph I've never kept anyone long enough to even worry about holidays at all. So on top of my icky history with the day... my husband announced about a week ago that he had already planned what he was going to do for me. Um... What?! I'm the girl and I have NO freaking idea what to do. Crap. Now what? Stress.
3.We're still pretty much broke. I say pretty much because we did get approved for the grant money we were hoping for. Yay! So we'll have the money to pay for Mr. Joseph's tuition this semester and have the money for rent next month and a little more. This is good... but we know from experience that it won't last long. We still don't have jobs, or any offers, and only the one interview. Pathetic? A little. But everyone is going through this right now so I'm trying REALLY hard not to take it personally. Really. I am.
4.I'm still having friend issues. I FINALLY have a friend in the ward. (woot) She's one of my visiting teachers and half of one of the few other young-kiddless couples in the ward. We had dinner at their house the other night and I loved it. But I still feel kinda lame sauce. I don't see anyone else really. One social encounter a month is just not ENOUGH for me. Is this a little silly? Yes. Is it still true? Oh heck yes. I really don't want to become a hermit- anyone wanna help me out on that front?

So yeah... That's what's going on. Overall though- life is pretty ok. I'm getting better at being a housewife ( I even ironed yesterday- I know right?!?!) and Mr. Joseph is, as always, so amazing. I'm really very blessed to have him. I don't know what I'd do or how I'd make it if it weren't for him.


  1. Hey hey lady!! I love you so so much. I'm most likely going to be in Salt Lake on Monday, so I'm desperate to see you!

  2. Hooray for you, you're married, happy and have a blog! Just keep plugging along... the first year can be rough, but finances aren't everything. Treat each other right, be honest in your tithes and stay close to the Lord and everything will work out wonderfully. As for the interview, be confident and smile!