Friday, January 30, 2009

A loser smothered in lame sauce.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the coolest person alive. Seriously. I do. Everything I think of seems brilliant. My clothing is incredible. My jewelry beautiful. My speech impeccable.

Today is not one of those days. today I feel stupid. Really, incredibly dumb. And I hate that I have nothing in my life. Okay... That's not true. I have my husband who is amazing, but I have nothing that is truly mine. I suck at being a wife. I'm getting better, that's true, but I'm still pretty awful. I'm not in school. I have no job. And no friends. I know this sounds like a total pity party (in a way it is) but I'm just trying to tell you what I feel- with total honesty, just like I promised when I started this thing. I'm just wishing I had something. I really want to get into the wedding biz somehow. I think planning is really the route I want to go, but alas we can't afford to get me through one of the handy certificate programs they recommend and no one will take me on. And why can't we afford it? Because I don't have a job and can't support my family. Lame lame lame. Sorry for whining. Today I feel lame sauce. Just so you know.


  1. Dear, why don't you feel like a good wifey? I'm sure you're a great one...and house keeping is NOT the same as being a wife.

    I love you! I'll keep you in my prayers! (And Steph loves you too!)

  2. "Today I feel lame sauce"


    oh I'm going to start using that one everyday!!!

    oh my gosh that made me laugh so hard.

  3. i love you girl!! you do have friends!! over 500 of them!! the MG'S! were all just so lame and busy.. and consumed in our own lives that we forget to take time out and play and have fun. seriously.. its kind of a problem. because i've been feeling the same way. next mg get together you. are. there!!