Monday, January 19, 2009

Russian with love

Preevyet! (Hi!) For those of you who don't know.... I'm learning to speak Russian right now. It's pretty exciting and I'm becoming obsessed with the idea of have super secret conversations in Russian with Mr. Joseph on Trax and going to Russia on a couples mission and pretending we're foreign at the bus stop etc. My sweet husband swears I'm doing great but I have the reading level of about a four year old (I can sound things out but have NO CLUE what I'm saying) and the vocabulary of a two year old. We work hard but it's a pretty crazy language and my brain can only hold so much at a time. My favorite part of Russian lessons though is how excited and proud Mr. Joseph looks when I get something right. Love it! We watch movies in Russian sometimes to suplement the lessons and keep his language skills up. Twister is our favorite and pretty much the only one I can watch the whole way through without getting bored or frustrated but Mr. Joseph worries that if we keep watching that one I'll be able to swear in Russian but nothing else. Typical me right?! I also love watching War and Peace with him but it doesn't have subtitles or anything and it's tough for him to translate it fast enough for me. Dasvyedania!


  1. love it! I learned Russian (some) in high school and would love to learn more. I think that it's an awesome language!

  2. YAY FOR RUSSIAN! Maybe we can go on a couples mission to novosibirsk together!

  3. Shellie... sweetness. We'll have to talk next get-together. mmmkay?!

    Nikki... For sure! That'd be a blast. We'll all have to be the best of couple friends when your man gets back. Until then you should totally come learn with me. Not kidding. Kimbal would be chill with it.

  4. You should watch Anastasia the cartoon there are a few russian words in there! haha. Kimbal might get a kick out of it. I always thought it was weird when the bad guy said Dasvyedania Anya cause it rhymes but I did't know for the longest time what it meant.
    I get the side bar things from where you fix the layout arrangement on your profile and there is a button that says add a gadget on the left and I scrolled down and found it there. There are other options too where you can show all of your posts, etc. Happy late b-day, I know I already told you but I wanted to say it again!