Thursday, January 15, 2009

So it seems I'm a slacker...

Ok. No I'm not. I just don't have the internet... which is usually fine because we have the library (which I'm slightly in love with by the way) but right now we don't have a car so that makes it difficult for me to come here and blogstalk the crap out of all of you and chat 'til all hours of the night on facebook. It's been a trial but I'm getting through it. Oh... and for all of you who missed it Eden our darling Intrepid is in the shop. We got in a little fender bender while Christmas shopping in Sandy ('tis the season right?!) and it will be done Monday the 12th... No Wednesday the 14th... No... at the end of NEXT WEEK. Basically I'm ticked about it... The poor kid who hit us was driving his new dad-in-law's jeep and the insurance was expired. There was a whole sob story... and I'm not saying that to sound mean though I probably do. I really do feel bad for him. And he's paying to fix our car out of pocket- thus no rental car. Which was fine when we were told they would only have it a week and they "already have all the parts and just need to do the labor" of course today when we call because we were supposed to come get it the receptionist tells us they're "having a really hard time finding all the parts because it's an older model". Seriously. Get your stories straight and get me back my car so I can find a job before we're living in a box on the corner. Ugh. I'll stop now... I'm sure my angry rants are no fun to read. So for now... I'll say goodbye. Until the next time I can get to a computer... Peace out Girl Scout!

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