Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's official... I'm obsessed.

With weddings. I think about them all the time. Plan them in my head. Critique ones on movies/in pictures/on TV. I crave the magazines. Want to know all the details about friends' upcoming weddings. It's sick. Just sayin'.


  1. hello my beautiful lady.. i love you! i think were doing something this saturday night. im not sure of the details yet... but- Ill get back to ya on them. ill start a message thread. love you! and miss you so much!!

  2. Danielle! HELP ME WITH WEDDING PLANS! haha. It's not soon or anything. James gets home this fall. So next spring. I think. I am just a stresser. I know I will be the biggest bridezilla on the face of the planet if I don't start planning early. I have a wedding blog. Please join and critique me haha. What's your email? I'll send you an invite. love you. Oh and are you coming to the mg thing Saturday? I hope so! I want you to teach me Russian!

  3. I like helping planning other people's but when it comes to my own, i want to jump in a lake :(

  4. leanna- i love you too! i didn't know about the mg thing tonight but it doesn't really matter because i'm frantically writing my talk for tomorrow. ew.

    nikki- i'd LOVE to!!! seriously... anything you need let me know. i'm a wedding fiend.

    gabby- i liked planning mine... i just wanted more time to plan it. not that i wanted the wedding to be farther away (exact opposite actually) i just didn't have time to be as detail oriented as i wanted to be.