Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tears in the library.

Music has a massively powerful effect on me. Always has. Mr. Joseph probably gets sick of me saying... "Oh man... SOOO many memories tied up in this song." While all music gets me deep... Some songs really just make me break down. Badly. That happened just a few minutes ago. Ew. One song that reminds me of a particular time and a particular boy and the particularly mean things he did to my heart and mind was on a friend's blog. And I just started crying. Right here in the library. My husband about a foot away. I hated it. It made me freeze for a second and when I finally got control of my body again (about a minute into the song) I moved my little hand to exit out of that like a bat out of hades. Seriously... I'm still feeling nauseated. Does anyone else get like that? Or is that just part of the crazy/beautiful mind unique to Dee?

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