Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today I feel a little lame. Not sure why really, I just do. Now that I typed that a tiny tsunami of potential reasons has flooded my head. Here's a few-
1. My living room is a disaster zone. We have about twice as much stuff as there is storage space. Baby's room is also a little frightening looking.
2. My eyebrows are out of control and my skin is in the midst of a freak out. Pregnant glow? Ha.
3. We haven't even finished sanding the crib yet, let alone staining it. Not to mention the shelves we need to paint. Yikes. Overwhelming? Yes.
4. I'm not really sure how to decorate the nursery. Not that it matters much since we really can't afford to.
5. I've recently become a little obsessed with the show Naruto. This means I'm even nerdier than I previously believed.
6. I'm such a hermit. I leave the house to grocery shop, go to Church, and occasionally to walk. That's it.
7. I really suck at blogging, yet I have three of my own and one I contribute to. Does this make sense to anyone?
8. Mr. Joseph has passed my level of Spanish in barely over a semester. So much for my four+ years of Spanish in school.
9. I am NOT making that kind of progress in Russian.
10. I miss Theatre. And being creative. And crafting. And not having bills.
11. I'm so not ready to be a mother.
12. I had a dream about donuts the other night. Sick. Even my subconscious is a fatty.
13. I miss my family a lot. I cry after I hang up pretty much every time. Sometimes I cry just trying to dial, so I give up.


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  2. I love you Mrs. Joseph! I think you're fabulous. Can we pretty please with cherries on top have dinner next Thursday night have dinner? I have a car now, so I can come to you!

  3. i love love love you.

    so much.

    i feel equally as lame these days. seriously. sometimes.. you just feel lame and no amount of "checking stuff off the list" can make you feel better. its ok to be lame sometimes.. i'm lame all the time.

    ann's reception next week?

    love you. and your bump. i touch it everytime i see you. mg's= no personal space.