Thursday, March 4, 2010

mom saved the day!

yet again my mom swooped in at the last minute to correct my mistake! thank heavens for mothers! you all remember that i spaced photographing my first big sewing project that was done all by myself. well mom saved my (not so) little booty and had my sis take some pictures of her cute apron! woohoo!

when mom was here in utah she mentioned that she kept messing up her clothes when she was cooking. she bemoaned the fact that she couldn't find an apron to fit her right. we're fairly... um... busty women and most standard aprons don't offer enough coverage for us. so after she left i got to work on a pattern (oh yes, i even made up the pattern) to protect her clothes. i also wanted to make a cute apron that would match her kitchen, be cute enough to wear if she's playing hostess, and have multiple looks so it wouldn't get boring. here's the result-
the dark red side. bring it on marinara.
i included two different flower pins and a headband so she can switch it up.
the long ties go into super cute bows to stay on trend and make her feel a little bit june cleaver.
showing off the striped side! it took me forever to find fabric that would match her kitchen, but this one was perfect!

let me know what you think!!!
please... :D


  1. cute! a pretty apron would definitely give me the motivation to cook more often ;)

  2. You did a great job, good for you taking on the sewing machine!

  3. Absolutely darling! I love it! Mother Jarman is the most beautiful model too! Love you guys :)

  4. O my! I know about the issue with the aprons covering the bust line! Way to go Daniell.e!