Tuesday, September 21, 2010

have you missed me?

you better. because i missed you. the three of us have all been sick on and off for the past three-ish weeks (more like a month). it's been gross, and sad, and generally unpleasant. i do think we're almost out of this though. i really hope that's the light at the end of the tunnel that i'm seeing and not just the stars you see before passing out.

for your viewing pleasure, here's a list of updates/things i've been thinking about/cool stuff-

boog had a cold, which caused double ear infections, which caused pink eye. sad and icky.
i've had the never-ending-cold/cough-from-hades.
mr. joseph had it fairly easy. lucky guy with that strong immune system.
boog has his front top teeth and two more bottom teeth threatening to pop in any minute.
i freaking love halloween.
related note- the dollar tree had some really cute halloween stuff this year. lucky me!
we've completely rearranged/repurposed our furniture. again. so far i like it.
the rearranging has lead to me desperately wanting a big long dresser to use as a tv stand.
we need to make friends with someone with a truck.
our car's registration is up at the end of the month. no idea how we're going to get it to pass.
i want a mini-van. desperately. does that make me weird?
mr. joseph is doing well in school so far this semester.
he's taking TWO math classes (yuck) and his earliest college class yet. i'm impressed.
i tried making these because hers are beautiful. it did not go well.
i utterly failed at the 30 days of music. granted, i was sick. still failed.
i'm getting nervous about finding a way to pull off our trio's costumes for halloween.
apparently, i HAVE to be difficult about these things.
boog is kinda standing on his own now. it's freaking me out.
i miss my family. they should come visit. munchkin, get on that.

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