Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I know, right?!?!

two posts in two days? i know. don't worry... i'll slack off to my usual self soon enough. just a few things on my mind.

i would really love a dishwasher. dishes are my least favorite chore. i kinda hate them. kimbal usually does them around here (i'm so freaking lucky) but with his new work/school schedule they're kinda piling up. why people think they can charge $200 for a used, ancient, tiny washer i don't understand. i do understand that i can't afford it though.

boog gives kisses now. possibly the cutest thing ever. ok, maybe his laugh or dimpled smile are cuter, but the kisses are new so right now they win. he's way more likely to give me kisses than his daddy, which i think makes mr joseph sad. i'm slowly, but surely winning the boy over to my side too. it's nice that he doesn't always leave me for mr joseph now.

netflix is pretty much amazing. not gonna lie, i have mr. mom playing in the other window.

if i had the money, i could probably blow through a thousand bucks on modcloth in about five minutes. easily. i find that frightening.

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  1. I hate dishes too, and would spend so much money on modcloth. I need to be a better sewer.