Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a million things

I can't sleep again. bah. I hate this... I'm fully exhausted all day and then can't sleep at night. It's me being stressed over all the usual things, and all the new things.

Baby could come any day now- emotionally I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be for him. I'm pretty excited now, but stressed out of my mind at the same time. From what I hear I need to get used to that feeling. As far as being actually prepared for him to get here- not even close. His clothes need to be washed, his crib finished, and about a million little things need to still be bought. Yikes. Also, his room is currently serving as my make-shift craft room. I'm already dreaming of the day I'll have space of my very own to make things.

The craft room monstrosity is because I decided fairly last minute (as in two weeks ago) that I want to do all or most of our Christmas presents to family by hand this year. yikes. Nephew's gift is nearly done now and I have to say it's even cuter than I'd hoped. I'm a little in love with it. I also have most of the stuff together to make sister's present. The goal is to have all of the Van Allens' gifts done by the time Mom leaves from helping with brand-new-baby. wish me luck!

Today the maintenance guys are coming to check on our air-conditioner, smoke detectors, vents, etc. I'm thrilled. Ok... I lied. I don't want them to come. Mr. Joseph will be at school and their visit means I won't get to nap. dang. Plus we had to move the shelves that my sweet husband made me so that they can get to the air filter. Also- we get to meet with the bishop tonight. Not sure what that's about and not sure I'm excited. Now would be a fairly inconvenient time to get a calling.

Mr. Joseph is talking in his sleep in there. It makes me think of the part in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where Ron talks in his sleep- possibly my favorite moment of that movie. It's kinda adorable. The poor guy is also sleeping in a long sleeve shirt and pj pants since my little space heater (aka baby Booger) makes it so I have to turn on the air conditioner despite it being the middle of November.

Nikki's James comes home today. Holy flip. I'm so excited for her. Russia buddies forever lady. Crazy to think this means that it's been almost two whole years since Mr. Joseph got home. James flew to Russia the day Kimbal came home from his mission. I can't even believe we've known each other (or at least known of each other) for that long Nikki. I'm so happy for you! It's going to be wonderful!

I miss my MG's. All of you. Like a whole lot. I want to come see you all badly, but I'm not really supposed to travel. bah. I'm trying to think of some way we can fit all of you into our itty-bitty apartment for a get together. Perhaps sometime in early January when Booger is still little and new, but not so new he's super susceptible to getting sick (I'm already getting paranoid about that).

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